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I am Kenton, Also Known As Kento. I am a teenaged YouTube programmer that mainly focuses on creating helpful, inspiring coding tutorials. I also do LiveCoding, while practicing Scrum and Agile methods like TDD, Mob Programming, Pair Programming, and more. I have been programming for years, and knowledgeable in Java, Bukkit API, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, and more. The videos are always on a strict schedule of daily at 7am. If you would like to watch some of these, please visit https://yt.therotg.com!


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I do website development, for a low cost, The price varies, but it is usaully around ~$30 a website, but this price is 100% goig to change after I know what you want in it, because everyone is different. To find your price, please contact me using the "Contact Me" button right under this text (It opens a mailto: link, so if you don't like that, just contact me, contact@therotg.com).


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You Can Get In Touch With Me In Multiple Ways:
email: contact@therotg.com
DM me on Twitter: @kvizdos